We will set up and introduce a program for a car dealership
and car service based on:
Alfa-Auto: Car Dealership + Car service
+ Auto Parts Prof, revision 5; revision 6
We are introducing a ready-made solution for car centers in Russia and the CIS
We will send you access
to the full demo version of the program
so that you can evaluate all facilities
See how the program works
how auto business processes are set up after implementation using the example of a working car service center
Sales growth by 30%
in the first month of use
Increase in average check
car service by 70%
Increasing the workload
Car service twice
Сar dealerships since 2008!
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Our best specialist will call you back within 5 minutes
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We will send you full access to a full demo version of the program so that you can evaluate all its features.
By pressing the button "Call me back" you agree to the processing of personal data in accordance with Federal Law No. 152
Our automation system solves the main tasks of the auto business

As a gift
Recording system for repairs
and working with custom orders
Instant messengers and chatbots in 1C

As a gift
Integration with vendor WEB services
End-to-end advertising
Integration with the online store's website
Database of crosses
and analogs
Tracking employees
working hours
CRM system
Original catalogs spare parts selection in 1C
Online analytical-system for your suppliers
Online analytical-system for your suppliers
Fast percentage of auto parts from all suppliers in one window Alfa-Auto: Auto Service + Auto Parts KORP, revision 6.
Original catalogs spare parts selection in 1C
Original catalogs are integrated into 1C and have the ability to identify the vehicle by VIN-code. This is necessary for quick and accurate selection of parts from one window without leaving 1C. Recording of each selection is carried out to exclude the double work of a spare parts specialist. * developed for 1C Alfa-Auto 4/5/6, 1C Trade management of all editions.
CRM system
CRM system in 1C Alfa-Auto is designed to control all customer requests. Each touch is recorded by the system. Now all transactions have been completed and not a single missed one!
Tracking employees working hours
Recording the departure / departure of employees for shifts by fingerprint and retina with reference to the work schedule! No delays or early departures!
Database of crosses and analogs
The base of crosses and analogs is stored in the database and contains more than 50 million crosses of spare parts. Also, always relevant online crosses and analogs are connected. Now your selection will be fast and accurate!
Integration with the online store's website
Exchange of orders, nomenclature, balances of goods, counterparties and settlements with the site of the online store of spare parts. Everything is fast and automated. The client receives a quick response to his order!
End-to-end advertising analytics
Channel analytics with the ability to determine the customer's value, LTV and final value. Now you will not waste advertising budgets and all customers have an acquisition price and value for the company!
Integration with vendor WEB services
Automated warehouse replenishment system based on minimum and recommended balances. Also, according to the orders of buyers, all orders to suppliers are placed automatically from 1C!
Get a complete inventory catalog of 250,000 items for your 1C system
You can upload this spare parts catalog with crosses and analogs to your 1C.
Download the handy reference book of auto-works processes with normal hours

It will help you get the right pricing for auto services and convenient analytics.
Get a free catalog for your 1C
Our best specialist will call you back within 5 minutes
By pressing the button "Call me back" you agree to the processing of personal data in accordance with Federal Law No. 152
Key benefits of automation
By the beginning of 2020, we have implemented the product in more than 25 official dealerships, 40 independent service stations, and 20 auto parts stores
• CRM system and end-to-end analytics

• employee motivation
Management of the company
Company management

• all catalogs of auto parts selection in 1C (cars and trucks)

• crosses and analogs in the nomenclature

• flexible pricing settings for products and services (by price range, brand, and part type)
• automatic orders via 1C directly to the supplier's website

• convenient recording for repairs with tips and convenient settings

• a new level of work with recommendations for cars
• all your suppliers in one 1C window
(web services + automatic price list loading)
• automatic replenishment of minimum stock balances

• addressable parts storage
and more than 100 useful
improvements to Alfa-Auto
Remote access to information and increase your profit by at least 30%
To the Director
To the manager
Complete reporting and easy control of business processes. Increase the average receipt by more than 50%
To the Spare Parts Manager
Accelerated selection of a auto-parts and warehouse accounting optimization
Watch the video review of our CRM system
Main functions of the system
Until the beginning of 2022, AlphaAvto has been implemented: Car service+Auto parts in 40 official dealerships, 73 independent service stations, and 24 auto parts stores
• Pre-registration for repairs
• Work with custom orders and convenient
printing forms
• Recommendations
* Tire hotel module
(seasonal tire storage)
• Reference book of standard hours
• Unique reference
book • Auto works (3000 items)
* Ready-made employee motivation schemes
• Time sheet
Spare parts and warehouse
• Automated replenishment of the warehouse
• Analytics and reporting
• Automatic loading of invoices
from suppliers
• Ready-made reference Nomenclature
(250,000+ items)
• Auto parts selection catalogs in 1C
• Suppliers 'web services
• Automatic product ordering
on suppliers' websites
• Automated loading
of suppliers ' price lists
• Uploading price lists to customers
• Database of crosses and analogs
• Automated price calculation
• Control of customer orders
• Anti-illiquid system
• Exchange with the online store's website
• Flexible configuration of discounts and promotions
• End-to-end advertising analytics
• Advanced management reporting
• Exchange with 1C Accounting
• Planning and budgeting
• Survey and collect NPS
• Connect a mobile app for clients
Car sales
• Sales worksheets
• Sales of new and used cars
• Test drive,
test drive planning
• Trade-In transactions
• Pre-sale preparation
of vehicles
• Installation of additional
equipment and conversion
of vehicles
• Logistics and delivery of vehicles
Built-in CRM
• Callback from the site
• Control of the sales funnel directly in 1C.
Kanban transaction board
* Integration with any telephony
(cloud PBX)
• Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram
1C, creating telegram bots
• Automatic customer alerts
when writing to repair, reminders
about informing customers
about the availability of spare parts, warning
about the closure order and many
other automatic sending
of messages WA, Telegram, SMS, e-mail
• the System tells
the user the next step
in the process
• Flexible configuration of business processes for your business, fast setting interface
• Automatic recording of calls
and missed calls.
• Integration with Instagram, Facebook,
and Vkontakte
• Email distribution via UniSender
• End-to-end advertising analytics,
integration with ROISTAT
• Integration with Yandex SpeechKit
to convert phone
conversations to text - now
phone call analysis takes much
less time
• Script builder
• Employee task tracking with
runtime analysis
• Automatic process tasks
Uploading a car warehouse and auto parts nomenclature from 1C Alfa-Auto to aggregator sites
A ready-made mobile app for your customers
It is convenient and timely to receive information about services-new products, promotions and other news via notifications on your phone.

Make an appointment for repairs and maintenance at any convenient time.

Have at hand the necessary contacts of the car dealership: phone numbers, address, location on the map, opening hours, etc.

Quickly contact you in the chat or order a callback.

Get a reminder about seasonal maintenance (tire installation, oil change, refueling and air conditioning system maintenance).

View the price list for car service.

Pay for services online.

Get bonus points.

Recommend your car service to your friends.
Launch in 1 day!
Integration with your 1C
In the app, customers can:
When purchasing a car service program, you get a 50,000-ruble discount on the app

Bonuses for you!

Database of analog crossovers for all manufacturers
Complete inventory catalog with 250,000 items
User-friendly reference of auto-works with normo-hours
Integration with the auto parts sales online store
Configuring a dedicated server
Consultation with 3P CONSULT experts
We compensate up to 50%
for automation costs

We will help you get a grant from the Eurasian Development Bank for the purchase and implementation of the program. The number of grants is limited.
We are an accredited
partner of the Eurasian Development Bank
Get a consultation with ZR CONSULT experts when purchasing the program
In 2 hours of online consultation, we will analyze the service station development and management strategy, financial indicators, and talk about the weak points of your business.

In the company ZR CONSULT we are engaged in:
• business planning
• production performance management,
• standardization of business processes,
• staff motivation,
• help you find the right software for your service.

We are determined to get results!
From structure creation and configuration to training and support
How to deliver
1C: Alfa-Auto: Car Dealership
+ Auto Repair + Auto Parts
Prof, revision 5
1. Install the software.

2. A responsible person from the customer is assigned for each department.

3. We draw up a schedule of communication with responsible persons;

4. We describe the business processes of the enterprise as they are at the moment (AS IS);
5. Optimize business processes and describe how it will be (TO BE).

6. Modeling business processes in the program;

7. We deliver customized business processes.
8. We refine it based on additional functional requirements;

9. Prepare training materials, train and test employees;

10. We launch the finished program into commercial operation;

11. We provide assistance and technical support for further use of the program.
Companies have already implemented the service:

Video feedback from our clients:

Review from ErSi Service

Review from the Peugeot & Citroën dealership

About us

Our team consists of specialists in the automotive business with ten years of experience. We have already helped more than 100 businesses automate and speed up their business processes, as well as increase profits.

Received the status of 1C: Franchisee, became official partners of 1C-Rarus, 1C-Bitrix, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab
We opened a CTO network. Since 2008, we have been using Alfa-Auto software products in our work
We have opened a new direction for automation Service stations and spare parts stores
We have opened a new direction for automating dealerships
We developed a full-fledged product based on 1C Alfa-Auto 5.1 and launched it on the market
We have launched the direction of consulting
and marketing for the automotive business
Developed a full-fledged CRM for Alfa-Auto 6 and released it to the market
We have developed a mobile application for car service center customers
Until the beginning of 2022, AlphaAvto has been implemented: Car service+Auto parts in 40 official dealerships, 73 independent service stations, and 24 auto parts stores
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