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Implement Asterisk-based IP telephony
Main facilities of IP telephony
Integration with the CRM system in Alfa-Auto with the ability to record all requests;

Support for an unlimited number of phone numbers – the app can handle any workload, even when working for large corporations.

Multichannel - ATS allows you to receive an unlimited number of calls to one phone number. This function is used for organizing call centers and customer support lines;

Recording phone conversations - most often this function is necessary to resolve conflict situations. Data is stored on a local server and is reliably protected from theft.

Employee monitoring – using special apps installed on employees ' phones, you can track their movements and the amount of time spent on work.

Create automatic tasks - you can set up business processes that will create a task when you create a contact or company;
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Support for 8-800 numbers and regular virtual numbers-necessary for receiving external calls.

Priorities, call queues, and call distribution – standard features of hardware, software, and cloud ATS systems.

Work with facsimile messages - Asterisk can send and receive faxes that are still in demand in Russia.

Video communication and video conferences – organization of online workshops with video broadcasting.

Voice menus (IVR menu) - used for call distribution;

Callback telephony – this feature allows the client not to spend money on a call. He simply leaves his phone number in the application, and the ATS calls a group of managers, and when one of them picks up the phone, the ATS calls the client.
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